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Pure Water Flux has always aimed higher and focused on achieving its objective of making the world a better place.

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Pure Water Flux Services

We have the finest team of professionals that aim at serving best to our customers. Their efforts combined with latest technology

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Pure Water Flux Vision

Water is the essence of life and so, everyone has the right to the access of pure drinking water.

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Pure Water Flux A World Leader In
Water Treatment SolutionsOur RO plants are made out of quality materials, embedded with strong membranes so that the water filtered
through it is rich in mineral content yet free from all sorts of contamination.

Our Products

Industrial RO

Pure Water Flux has designed most advanced Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants that filters water to produce high grade clean and purified water suitable for consumption.

Commercial RO

Advanced Commercial RO Plants by Pure Water Flux are aimed towards filtering all sorts of chemicals and contamination from water, making it healthy and safe for drinking in the most cost effective ways.

Domestic Reverse
Osmosis Plant

The Domestic RO plants from our company can easily fit into your homes, promising to bring you water that is purified, filtered and best for leading a healthier life style.

Ultra Filtration

Our Ultra filtration Plants use latest trans-membrane technology to filter out the dirt particles, leaving behind liquid that is purified and absolved.

Mineral Water

With your family’s health at stake, we do not compromise in the packaging of mineral water, ensuring every drop in the bottle is clean and absolutely filtered out.

Textile Effluent

With low operating cost, our textile effluent cycling machines are aimed at zero wastage of water with efficient performance in industries that dye fabric on regular basis for production of cloth.

Pure Water Flux

Pure Water Flux is a name that signifies the importance of making drinking water accessible to the masses.

We as a company work seamlessly to not just play our part in the betterment of the environment by keep a check and balance over our non-renewable resources, but also improvise filtration process in order to make every drop safe for consumption. We are the biggest dealers of commercial ro and industrial RO plants that are instilled with advanced technology for improved performances.

Wastewater Treatment
RO Plant

Advanced RO Plants

Pure Water Flux is one of the biggest names when it comes down to the Reverse Osmosis Plants installation. We not only provide highly professional installation services of such heavy machinery, but also lay out the blueprint and assemble pieces ourselves to create such brilliant equipment.

Our engineers are the best ones in their field which is why we are able to improvise our creations, bringing commercial ro plants and industrial RO Plants to you that are even better than before. So, if you wish to get an RO Plant installed, contact us right away and our professionals will immediately bring it to your door step, set it up and stay connected until your fully satisfied with its performance.

For a Healthier Life Style

More than half of the world’s population is forced to survive on polluted and contaminated drinking water, which is of course extremely harmful for health. Those who do not have access to clean water usually end up with severe stomach and other illnesses which at times prove to be fatal for them.

This is why, Pure Water Flux has been working dedicatedly over the years to make purified and clean drinking more accessible to the masses. This is where Pure Water Flux comes in to fulfill its moral duty. We create technologically advanced RO Plants for both, ro commercial and ro industrial use which helps people in every household and abode to lead healthier and active life style.

Home RO Plants

Pure Water Flux Making Freshwater
From Seawater Since 1995


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