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Water Treatment Supplies

Pure Water Flux not only works dedicatedly to bring clean water to you, but also joins hands with various other companies and motivating them to do the same. We have advanced water treatment supplies that are handled well by trained professionals, ensuring all you get is water thatis pure and clean. Our vast variety of treatment supplies include:

  • Water waste equipment– From clarifier tanks to reverse osmosis filters, from air flotation tanks to centrifuges, we give you machinery equipped with latest technology for quality work
  • Water Treatment chemicals– We create chemicals according to your needs but ensure every bit of it made with great care for best results. From killing water borne bacteria to strong contamination, our agents are powerful enough to clean the dirtiest of water without leaving behind any foul smell.
  • Secondary Parts- If you have a machine with incomplete parts, worry no more because we also deal in ancillary parts that will help you install your machinery without any hassle
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Pure Water Flux provides a complete line of water treatment services and parts across Worldwide