Wastewater Treatment System

Wastewater Treatment System

In an era when the Earth is on the verge of losing all of its water, our future generation is at a risk of being deprived of this basic necessity, it is daunting to see thousands of liters of being wasted every day. Keeping taps open while bathing and brushing, using buckets and buckets of water to wash your cars, the water going down the drain could have been utilized by the under-privileged who are dying to get even a drop in their mouths.

This is why, Pure Water Flux aims at making drinking water more accessible to people, especially those who have been forced to consume dirty, contaminated water and fall ill to the water-borne diseases.

We have put together Wastewater Treatment Systems that aim at purifying dirty water, making it free of any contamination and pollutant, also leaving minimum impact on the environment.

What is this system?

Wastewater Treatment System collects water from sewages and removes contamination from it, resulting in clean water that is good enough for consumption. The process contains many steps, where at each phase the pollutants and contamination particles are broken down, removed and filtered so, the end product collected is water that is balanced with mineral, has the right pH and is completely safe for usage.

This system consists of a:

  • Clarifier that settles down and separates the solid particles in water
  • Chemical feed to remove, condense and coagulate metal particles
  • Filter to remove any remaining particle that were small and moved forward are separated at this stage
  • pH adjustment for making water consumable

Best Waste Water Treatment Plants

Pure Water Flux works hard to produce watered bottles that are guaranteed healthy with balanced mineral content and yes, taste great. Through our Wastewater management systems we try our best to collect water from un-imaginable resources and make it safe enough for drinking.

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