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Industrial RO

When it comes down to supplying purified drinking water, Pure Water Flux takes the job very seriously.

Commercial RO

Using polluted and dirty for operating machines can cause serious damage to the over time.

Domestic Reverse
Osmosis Plant

Pure Water Flux believes that health of one’s family comes first, and this is why rather than ending up sick with serious illnesses, it is important to adopt a life style that is completely healthy, hygienic and safe.

Ultra Filtration

When normal filtration plants are unable to purify and clean water completely, than at that very moment, our Water Ultra Filtration Plants comes to the rescue.

Wastewater Treatment

In an era when the Earth is on the verge of losing all of its water, our future generation is at a risk of being deprived of this basic necessity.

Containerized RO

Imagine having a powerful reverse osmosis plant fitted right next to and pumping filtered water non-stop.

Mineral Water

With your family’s health at stake, we do not compromise in the packaging of mineral water, ensuring every drop in the bottle is clean and absolutely filtered out.

Textile Effluent

Gallons of water every day is used by textile industries that specifically dye material for fabrication.

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