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With your family’s health at stake, we do not compromise in the packaging of mineral water, ensuring every drop in the bottle is clean and absolutely filtered out. Our Mineral Water Plants are uniquely designed to ensure safety of the consumers and carrying out work effectively.

Our system comprises of water treatment plant, rinsing bottles, packaging, labeling and tapping. Once the water is treated for pollutants and hazardous substances, it is packed well inside bottles that have been thoroughly washed and rinsed to cut down risks of growth of illness causing bacteria. Next, these bottles are send off for labeling, tapping and packed inside big cartoons and delivered to their respective destinations.

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Our RO plants use trans-membrane technology to filter water, which promises 100% purity. It takes a lot of effort to not only separate the pollutants from water and converting it into a drinkable liquid but also maintain its pH value along with balancing the mineral content, in order to make it healthy for consumption.

Our mineral water plants uses highest quality material for packaging and labeling, which ensures that every step of the process is carried out with great care and expertise, prioritizing our consumer’s health.


The process is carried out in following multiple stages:

  • Raw water that has to be processed is collected in tanks
  • Water is then loaded with alum for coagulation
  • It is allowed to settle for an hour after coagulation
  • This water is transferred to chlorination tank and treated with chlorine gas
  • Water is passed through sand filters for trapping un-dissolved impurities
  • Water is then Sand and carbon filtered , odor and color is removed.
  • Then water is passed through micro fillers followed by UV disinfection system
  • Finally packing takes place through automatic rinsing, filling and capping machine.

Pure Drinking Water – Purification Water Plant

We at Pure Water Flux work to make the world a better place, by collecting water from various resources, filtering it and making it accessible to the masses. Not only this, but we also aim at reducing water waste so that our future generations too can enjoy safe, clean and purified drinking water.

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When it comes to the quality of drinking water, one can simply not rely on public water supply. Considering the growing water contamination issues, the regular water supply of your home might not be beneficial for human health. Even if the water is clean, a prominent reason to avoid regular water supply is the lack of minerals.

Mineral water is free from chemicals processing and is mostly fetched from underground water reservoirs. It contains calcium, magnesium, and sodium and contributes to a healthy life and a better life. It provides vital nutrients to the body that can improve your physical performance over time.

Buy Best Mineral Water Plants - Wholesale Suppliers Online

Is pure water good for your health?

The invention of new chemicals has led to polluted food and water resources. To protect your family from waterborne diseases and other health hazards, consider buying a mineral RO plant to purify the water supply of your home.

Pure water, which is rich in minerals, has numerous advantages to the human body. Firstly, it helps prevent diseases and keeps your immune system strong. Consumption of mineral water helps to maintain bone density and decreases the risk of osteoporosis. The magnesium content in the water improves muscle performance making you physically more active.

Scientists have also revealed that the magnesium and potassium levels in water can help control excessive cholesterol in the human body. Mineral water is also associated with better digestion by increasing amylase secretion.

Electrolytes in mineral water are another reason why health experts prefer this fluid over others. It replaces the mineral content lost in the human body due to sweat and hot weather.

Therefore, mineral water proves to be the best option to improve your health. To access this beneficial fluid at all times, consider installing a mineral water plant at your home.

Find the Right Mineral Water Plant

Keeping all the advantages of mineral water in mind, installing a home mineral water plant is a great step towards a better lifestyle. Do not compromise on the quality of drinking water. Get in touch with Pure Water Flux today and explore a wide range of water plants. Our unique designs and state-of-the-art systems ensure that every drop of water is safe and healthy for human consumption.

Pure water flux is one of the top manufacturers of mineral water plants in Pakistan. We deal in high-quality treatment plants, rinsing bottles, safe and reliable packaging, detailed labeling and tapping facilities at the best prices all across the country. Our cutting-edge technology removes all sorts of pollutants and bacteria from water without depriving you of the necessary salts and nutrients. Not on the plant machinery but the packaging and labeling used by pure water flux are also one of its kind.

Special trans-membrane technology in our mineral RO plants promises 100% pure water by filtering unwanted chemicals from the water. However, the pH levels of the fluid remain intact.

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