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Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plants/Ro Plant For Home

Pure Water Flux believes that health of one’s family comes first, and this is why rather than ending up sick with serious illnesses, it is important to adopt a life style that is completely healthy, hygienic and safe. The Domestic RO plants from our company can easily fit into your homes, promising to bring you water that is purified, filtered and best for leading a healthier life style.

Domestic Reverse RO Plant

Our Domestic RO plants are embedded with advanced filtration technology and auto-shut off buttons, which not only brings to your clean and pure water but ensures that not even a single drop is wasted after use. Our unique design and incorporation of technology is what make Pure Water Flux stand out amongst all others.

Safe Water for Every Household

Each and every person in the world deserves access to drinking water that is free from contamination and is healthy. Because your health is our priority, we a s a company have successfully worked on the idea of making water more accessible that can be consumed without any worries.

Our RO Plants for domestic use are comparatively smaller in size, easy to install and operate which gives you the charge of filtering and consuming purified water at home only. With these RO plants in your house hold, forget paying those medical bills from now onwards!

Customizable RO Plants

Our priority is to not just bring our customer’s contamination free water, but also RO plants that are cost effective, perform well and fulfill their requirements. The domestic RO Plant that we manufacture are guarantee to filter out germs, kill bacteria ad separate hazardous substances from your drinkable water and that to in an efficient and cost effective manner. This is what makes Pure Water Flux popular amongst the masses today.


  • Auto flushing
  • Five stage filtration process
  • Auto shutdown
  • 100% leak proof filter
  • 12-15 hour/Liter output capacity
  • Booster pump with transformer
  • 8 gallons water storage tank

Best RO Plants For Home

If you wish to get a more advanced domestic RO system for your household, one that comes with five stage filtration process using high-end membranes, contact us now!

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Domestic RO by Water World Pakistan are super affordable and easy to fit, giving outcomes that are highly satisfying. With us, you are definitely in safe guidance.

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